Sunday, March 22, 2009

This Post Is For My Mom

This Post is for my Mom. It is an array of Flora and Fauna that I've managed to capture on film. I have no idea what most of these are, Mom, so I'm not even going to pretend to try and name them. The few pictures that i feel need explanation will get them :) You would love it here, Mom.

At my friend Brice's new house they're doing some landscaping and we found both of these. The centipede was fast as lighting, super freaky and homicidal.

The above picture is a banyon tree. They have them all around the island. They're huge and have hundreds of branches that reach out from the main trunk, plant themselves in the ground several feet away and start new trunks which are part of the same tree. It's awesome.




Buddhist temple down near Baby Beach.

There are geckos EVERYWHERE. We have two that live in our house named Gary and Vlad.

Ok so there's this lady who lives in a house on Baby Beach who has this cockatoo and she brings it out to hang out with her on the beach. What makes it especially wierd though is that she'll sit there and use it as a pillow sometimes and rub her face in the bird. Very strange.

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  1. wow. so wonderful!
    man, i wanna come visit for real!
    how are you holding up?! why three jobs?!